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What is the price of freight today and what will be tomorrow?
A lively dialogue between Shippers/Charterers – Shipowners and Port Executives


Kempinski Hotel Atlantic
Hamburg 5 October 2005



It takes a lot of players to carry goods from where they are made to where they are sold. As the freight markets swing, different players feel they are carrying more of the load than the others. Today, the shipowner carries the stick. For the last few years, the shipowners thought the charterer had it. And the port owners think both of them have it, and are using it to beat them.

In the midst of this market mayhem come politicians, anxious to have safe, clean, efficient shipping. They wave big sticks, but don’t always seem to have the right target.

At the 2005 Shipper Forum, in Hamburg on 5th October, all these players, and the brokers, bankers, information providers and standard setters who keep the wheels of the market turning will all gather to see if there are better ways to get goods onto shelves. What will the markets do next, and can shippers and shipowners protect themselves from market swings? Will the price of security be paid fairly? Can ports do more? Should they do more? And where will the money come from to finance trade?

Join a heady mixture of shippers, shipowners, port operators, bankers, politicians and brokers to debate the future of shipping in Europe, with the people closest to the consumer, the shippers, in the forefront. Everyone who attends gets a chance to have their say, no-one gets a chance to say more than their share. It’s not a conference, it is a controlled explosion of debate, point scoring, problem solving and bridge building.

Come to Hamburg and join in. You’ll make new contacts, build new businesses and leave with a better understanding of how all the parts of shipping fit together.


The partnership between European Shippers’ Council and Mare Forum in producing the annual Shippers’ Forum has succeeded in creating the definitive forum for the maritime supply chain and the 2005 Shipper Forum will once again identify, examine and debate key issues for the industry. 

It is an event not to be missed, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Forum on October
5th in Hamburg.



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