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It has been three years since ESC and MARE FORUM first came together to organise the annual Shipper Forum and to pursue a common goal.

That goal has been to establish the Shipper Forum as more than just another maritime event, but the definitive forum in which issues concerning the customers and suppliers of the entire shipping and supply chain can be realistically addressed.

During the previous Forums discussions have revolved around the theme of change.  Change in security standards, change in business practices, change in regulatory and legal framework and change and its impact on doing business.

The 2004 edition of the annual Shipper’s Forum has taken the past into account, and will assess today’s issues while looking toward the future. 

The 9th annual Shipper Forum 2004 is all about getting down to business.  The business of trade within Europe, where a forecast on cargo corridors for 2010 and beyond will predict effects on ports, terminals, shippers, shipowners and operators.

The business of short sea shipping where regulators, customers and operators will tell it like it is and lend some insight to how it should be.


The business of intermodal shipping, where a special round table session will debate the impact of varying standards of infrastructure on logistics chains.

The business of freight transport, where key members of the European Freight Transport Branch will take a long hard look in the mirror and tell us what it sees in terms of security and its impact on operations and commerce.

And finally, the business of making a profit, where shipowners, terminal operators, logistics service providers and shippers will draw their own bottom line in a debate on the controversial liner shipping block exemption regulation.

The partnership between European Shippers’ Council and Mare Forum in producing the annual Shippers’ Forum has succeeded in creating the definitive forum for the maritime supply chain and the 2004 Shipper Forum will once again identify, examine and debate key issues for the industry. 

It is an event not to be missed, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Forum on October 13th in Rotterdam.

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