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Challenges and Opportunities


17 November 2005, Brussels

Renaissance Hotel



“There is a particular need for an all-embracing maritime policy aimed at developing a thriving maritime economy and the full potential of sea-based activity in an environmentally sustainable manner.”

José Manuel BarrosoJosé Manuel Barroso, President European Commission

Towards an Integral European Maritime Policy
Europe is surrounded by four seas and two oceans, and it has a coastline seven times longer than that of the US and four times that of Russia. The European Union has the world’s largest maritime territory, while the maritime regions of Europe account today for nearly half of the EU’s population and GDP. The maritime zones under the jurisdiction of the Member States are larger than their terrestrial territory. Against this background it is not surprising that maritime transport is a key link in the European transport networks and a major facilitator of global logistical chains for the European and world economy.
In order to maintain sustainable and competitive European maritime industry clusters a European maritime policy framework is necessary. Such a framework should encompass all the maritime and marine sectors like shipping, ports, shipbuilding, marine equipment, dredging, offshore, ports, maritime services and R&D, inland shipping, yachting, fisheries, but also has links with the navies.
In the Communication of the European Commission President Barroso and Commissioner Borg, titled Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union: A European vision for the oceans and the sea, which has been adopted by the Commission, a Maritime Policy Taskforce has been established to create the foundation for such a new Maritime Policy. Its first task will be to produce a Green Paper on a future EU Maritime Policy which should be adopted by the Commission by the first half of 2006. Commissioner Borg is responsible for the preparation of the Green Paper.
Joe Borg Jo Borg, European Commissioner Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

The conference The New European Maritime Policy is organised in order to provide all the relevant stakeholders with the opportunity to voice their views and expectations for such an ambitious project. The conference will have the Forum-format.
The conference will be opened by the European Commission president Barroso, followed by three sessions, focussing on member states views, views from the maritime and marine industries, and views from NGO’s and other social interest groups. The conference will be concluded by a EU Commissioner Borg, who will also outline the future roadmap and consultative procedures for the Green Paper.
All the stakeholders will be invited to submit a paper for the conference well in advance, which will be made available on the website of Mare Forum.




This conference is organised by

Mare Forum
and the
Dutch Maritime Network

in association with the 
European Network of Maritime Clusters

supported by the
European Commission



We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels,


Niko Wijnolst
Conference Chairman
Chairman Dutch Maritime Network



Jannis Kostoulas
Managing Director

Mare Forum