Italy and the World - Quo Vadis?

 Monday 9 May 2011

Hilton Sorrento Palace
Sorrento - Italy

9 May, 2011

Hilton Sorrento Palace
Via S. Antonio n. 13, Sorrento, Italy 80067
Tel: +39-081-8784141  Fax: +39-081-8783933 

All participants who wish to attend the conference must be registered. Please note that formal registration and confirmation thereof only takes place after the registration fee has been received and recorded on our accounts. Participants are requested to return one registration form per participant to MARE FORUM by fax, or by mail, at the fax number or address listed below. Please keep a copy of the form, and your payment, for your records.

After receipt of your registration form you will be sent a confirmation by e-mail, with extra details concerning the programme of the conference. An invoice marked “Paid in Full” will be sent to your mailing address after receipt of the payment.

Please note that your registration is a Person - Restricted Pass, which means that only the registered participant will be admitted for any of the activities of the conference. A Person Restricted Pass for conference participation may not be shared by more than one person.

Should you be unable to attend the conference, a substitute participant is always welcome at no extra charge if he / she carries a letter of authorisation from the original participant and if the conference office has been notified of the name of the substitute participant before the conference date.


Early bird rate
(Booking and pay before 31 March 201
EURO 800 -


Full rate
(Booking and pay after 31 March 201
 EURO 950 -


The conference fee includes: conference attendance and documentation, refreshments, lunch, receptions during scheduled breaks in the conference programme.
Please refer to the website or the conference programme for dates, times and locations.

Payment for the conference can only be made in EUROS by CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS (MasterCard, American Express or Visa). Please fill in appropriate sections on the Conference Registration Form should you wish to attend.

Payment for hotel accommodations must be made directly to the hotel in Euros as noted on the Hotel Registration Form.

In case you are unable to attend the conference for any reason at all, no refunds will be made by Mare Forum. Mare Forum only offers the opportunity to send in a substitute participant at no extra charge if he/she carries a letter of authorisation from the original delegate. The conference office must be notified of the name of the substitute participant before the conference takes place.

The conference organisation cannot accept any liability for personal injuries or for the loss of and/or damage to personal belongings of the participants, either during or as a result of the conference. Please check the validity of your personal insurance.

For further information on the conference please contact:



P.O. Box 3108
3003 AC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31.10.842 57 97
Fax:+31.10.844 99 69

E: mailto: info@mareforum.com
Website: http://www.mareforum.com