4th Maritime Indonesia 2012

-The next Maritime Eldorado of the East -


Thursday 22 March 2012

Jakarta - Indonesia

The BRICS are the old story. Now it is the turn of the CIVETS, the next generation of countries which will power the world economy as they make a step change in development. The I is for Indonesia, on course to be the world’s sixth largest economy, and certainly the world’s most thriving Muslim state. Those two factors make Indonesia a must-do market for any global business. But for shipping there are extra dimensions. Geography, people and natural resources combine to place Indonesia in the top slot as a new shipping boom area. Geography because Indonesia is close to booming Asian markets and because it is made up of a lot of islands. It is built on and needs seaborne links. People because it will generate the next wave of global seafarers, and people because they are pursuing the higher living standards that suck in imports. Resources because Indonesia is rich in natural resources, which lack good export infrastructure.

It’s all there. A country opening up. Growing demand for import and export. A maritime heritage and a strategic location.

On Thursday March 22 Mare Forum will bring together Indonesia’s maritime leaders and mix them with forward looking global investors and operators in a freewheeling debate on how to make the most of Indonesia’s maritime potential. It will be a place to learn, a chance to network and an opportunity to build serious business in a strong, ambitious emerging economy. Add in good food, good company and a great location, blend with Mare Forum’s proven formula for getting the best out of everyone attending, and the “4th Maritime Indonesia - the next Maritime Eldorado of the East”, is the place to be on March 22.



We are looking forward to meet you in Jakarta









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