3rd Maritime Indonesia 2011

- Emerging Indonesia -


Thursday 31 March 2011
Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta
Jakarta - Indonesia

Indonesia. A vast country, a diverse country and a rich country. Rich in smiling, educated, ambitious people. Rich in resources, coal, oil, gas, palm oil and more. Rich in potential. Because in a world where power and influence is shifting from traditional centres to a more diverse multi-polar world, Indonesia sits astride major East-West trade routes and is hungry to grow, hungry to make use of its people and natural resources, hungry to be spoken about as one of the world’s strongest emerging economies.

With a strong shipping pedigree built on its island geography, Indonesia is poised to play a key role in the global economy and especially in shipping. It is becoming a major exporter of bulk cargoes and energy and can soon become a major source of seafaring manpower and shipbuilding capacity. Its shipowners and shipbuilders are ready to step up to the global market and its politicians are keen to help them. Now is the time to meet and work with Indonesia’s shipowners, shipbuilders, business community, financiers and power brokers.

On Thursday March 31 Mare Forum  will bring together Indonesia’s maritime leaders and mix them with forward looking global investors and operators in a freewheeling debate on how to make the most of Indonesia’s maritime potential. It will be a place to learn, a chance to network and an opportunity to build serious business in a strong, ambitious emerging economy. Add in good food, good company and a great location, blend with Mare Forum’s proven formula for getting the best out of everyone attending, and the 3rd Mare Forum Emerging Indonesia 2011 2011 is the place to be on March 31.



We are looking forward to meet you in Jakarta



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