Conference goal:

With the development of extensive energy sources in the Russian Federation and Central Asia, the whole global energy balance, long aligned to the dominance of the Middle East is subtly changing. There is no question that there are substantial oil and gas reserves in these regions, and that there is a political will to see these resources developed to a high level and made more extensively available to energy users throughout the world. Indeed, in the Russian Federation, the economic recovery of this great country is largely predicated on its energy exports.

However, developing the infrastructure capable of delivering this energy to international consumers represents a substantial challenge for both the exporting countries and their international partners. Many of the developments are in remote regions, exposed to extreme climates and bringing this energy to market involves technical and logistic challenges that require both innovation and initiative on both technical and financial fronts. Obviously, maritime transportation will take a major role in the export of both oil and gas, and the rapid build up of efficient shipping arrangements and port facilities have been identified as priorities. The installation and operation of long-distance pipelines from the energy fields also remains crucial, if the development of these new energy sources is to proceed in an integrated fashion. Similarly the opportunities for export of petroleum products , petrochemicals and other energy sources such as coal from the Russian Federation and other countries in the region, beckon to both buyers and sellers of these resources.

Mare Forum 2004, held in the beautiful and ancient City of
St. Petersburg
will be an opportunity to consider commercial, financial and technical aspects of this contemporary energy challenge. It will endeavour to assess the reality of the energy prospects, the geo-political ramifications of this potential tilt in the energy axis and the investment opportunities thus produced.

It will consider the technical problems relating from the need to exploit energy resources in extreme climates, the need to develop robust and safe ships and other delivery systems, and the importance of protecting fragile natural environments , in both the energy producing areas, and those en route to the importing countries.

The meeting will draw heavily on the local and regional expertise and provide a forum for the consideration of technical issues in the design and construction of new ships, pipelines, ports and terminals. It will offer a unique opportunity to bring together financiers, providers of services, systems and equipment along with high level policy makers concerned with the economic development of these regions. Case studies will bring the reality of experience from those with particular expertise in the areas, providing experiences which will influence the way in which the energy and maritime industries will attempt to meet demand.

The themes to be analysed and discussed will be :

Setting the scene
Geo-political considerations - opportunities of giant new energy sources - distribution challenges - environmental concerns - financing the ambitions - marine system capacity

Russia - A Major World Energy Supplier
Trade movements and distribution patterns- political, geographical and economic impacts - forecasts of world energy requirements, sources Central Asian energy sources - development of markets .

Marine Transportation System Capacity
World-Russia- European perspectives - development of ports and terminals - international co-operation - research into ships , pipelines, safe transportation systems.

Ship operations in Russia - challenges and opportunities
Safe, efficient marine transportation issues with cargo from Black Sea, Baltic, Northern Russia and Pacific north-east - importance of local technical expertise in ice and extreme-weather operations

Financing Maritime Transportation
Financing the renaissance of the Russian maritime industry - fleet expansion - fleet renewal - shipbuilding

Environmental concerns
The need for close attention to environmental protection - importance of "green" delivery systems - issues of transit traffic in Baltic / Bosporus etc. - "controlling" the flow of energy.

A focussed agenda for policy makers from government and industry

Set for the first time in the Russian Federation , the location of this Mare Forum will be St Petersburg, a major energy and shipping centre.

We look forward to welcoming you
in St. Petersburg,

Managing Director
Managing Director

The final conference programme
will be published by mid September
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