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In the framework of the International
Europort Maritime


presents the Europort Maritime Exhibition official conference:

Building and outfitting ships tomorrow
global challenges, bottlenecks and business opportunities

Wednesday 2 November
Hilton Hotel Rotterdam



ORDERBOOKS for new ships of all types have never been fuller, and shipowners everywhere are queuing to order ever more sophisticated ships. Yet shipbuilders have never been less happy. In Europe the yards are struggling against low labour costs in Asia and Turkey, and Asian yards are struggling with spiralling steel prices. If the steel price and labour issues weren’t bad enough, another problem has appeared. Suddenly, the world is facing a shortage of marine equipment. The supply of main engines cannot keep up with the growth in shipyards and order books, and everywhere equipment manufacturers are rushing to install new capacity. This in turn puts the focus on quality and control of the equipment market.

High steel prices, tight equipment supply, low-cost competition. Who would envy a shipbuilder? Well, perhaps the ship recycler, who faces what looks like a strong and growing market through barriers of public intolerance, media hype, environmental sensitivity and hypocrisy.

In a vibrant one-day forum, Mare Forum brings together shipbuilders, equipment manufacturers, politicians, ship recyclers, environmentalists and shipowners to debate and argue through the issues which make life difficult for the technical side of shipping. This is not a conference, there will be no long speeches, it is a real forum where everyone who attends can have their say. If shipping is to get the ships it needs and get rid of the ships it doesn’t in a safe, sensible and commercially acceptable way, something will have to change. At this great global forum, you can influence that, and hear how others see the problems and opportunities.

This Forum offers three distinct strands to this important and useful examination of progress and industrial performance:


Themes to be discussed:

•New Shipbuilding • Capacities and forecasts • Prices • Bottlenecks • New shipbuilding areas • Would you order new tonnage in today's market? • What are the constraints on shipping markets? Can the ports, infrastructure, and global market keep up? • How is the LNG market developing? • Would Emerging Shipbuilding countries look for partner foreign players in developing the LNG market further? • Perspectives in Short Sea Shipping buildings.


Themes to be discussed:

• How to survive building ships in Europe • Chinese versus Korean & Japanese Shipbuilding: Competitive advantages • Chinese Shipbuilding: the good, the bad and the very useful • Experiences in Vietnam: What’s next? • Technological limits: what can China build today and what will it be able to build soon? • How ships will look in 10 year time – Innovative ideas? • What stops Japan and Korea following Europe by losing their shipbuilding industries to lower cost competition • How long before shipbuilding emerging countries will become centres of a cutting-edge technological shipbuilding Industries? • creative solutions for new building guaranties • Low labour costs are making foreign shipyards consider operating within China. Should they opt for keeping their technological advantage safe on home turf over the financial benefits of operating in China? • Do the investment returns and emerging shipbuilder-countries policies inspire confidence?


Themes to be discussed:

• Market entry and expansion in Shipbuilding Emerging Countries – the next step for Western maritime equipment suppliers • Suppliers vs. Class Societies: Quality control; Is the Marine Equipment Directive and Type Approval system letting everyone down? • Major Equipment / Systems Providers vs. Shipbuilders: Who will be the boss? • Will a main engine shortage slow world shipbuilding growth? • Where will the next generation of key ship components be designed and built? • Should shipbuilders be investing in secure equipment supplies? • Licence to kill? Are western maritime equipment companies making a killing in Asia by manufacturing under licence? • How to combat low standards of manufacture

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his Mare Forum is the official conference of the
International Europort Maritime Exhibition

This maritime exhibition will take place  on 1 to 5 November 2005

 in Rotterdam -  The Netherlands

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