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Bio Energy Transportation

- New Business Opportunities
for Ports and Logistics Providers -


 14 & 15 September 2006
 Hilton Hotel Rotterdam
Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Bio Energy Transportation 2007
will be held on 20 of November2007
at the Hilton Hotel Rotterdam




Two major pressure points – soaring costs and environmental concerns - are bearing down fast on the energy sector, Vulnerabilities of supply security and the demands of the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change are, between them, forcing policy makers into an urgent reassessment of global energy supply and demand. An increasing emphasis on renewables for their environmental advantages coincides with a growing interest in energy diversification which will leave consuming countries less vulnerable to destabilising cost increases or supply problems.
Bio-energy is increasingly regarded as a promising potential energy source that will help to answer questions revolving around sustainability and supply. Bio fuels and biomass have been recognised as essential ingredients in the sort of energy mix which sensible energy policies will be bound to incorporate. Their transport , storage and production , and indeed their employment for a range of domestic and industrial uses become of considerable importance to the world of ports, shipping and logistics.
Biofuels have a long history. As far back as the 1970s, for example, Brazil which was concerned at its own dependence on imported energy put in place measures that would see automotive fuels dominated by biofuels derived from agricultural produce. A quarter century on it is exporting biofuels to countries as diverse as Japan, Nigeria
, Venezuela and the Netherlands.

The European Union is putting in place new policies which seek to enhance its use of bio-energy sources. It seeks to increase substantially the share of biofuels in diesel and petrol, while in connection with its pledge to increase the share of electricity generated by renewable energy to 22% by 2010, it recognises the important role biomass is likely to play in achieving this objective.

So there is a strong incentive to examine the role of the transportation sector in the carriage and storage of biofuels, with important implications for both tanker and dry bulk markets. Ports too must be prepared to play a part in what will become a global supply chain that will connect the producers of the biofuels to their ultimate consumers.

This is a fascinating new energy sector which is of increasing interest to those operating ships and ports and those involved in the development of supportive fiscal and legislative infrastructure that will encourage its further progress. Cargoes, ships, trades, technology, supply and demand along with political and practical issues will provide vital insights.


“…there is a sound potential for the use of biomass to generate both electricity and heat” (European Commission)

“Bioethanol made from grain produces 65% fewer greenhouse gases than petrol “ (Central Science Laboratory, UK)

Seven distinct strands to the issues surrounding bio energy will be covered in this important conference designed to review progress and provide pointers to the future.


session 1

Setting the Scene: Bio Energy Transportation

session 2

The Bio Energy Products and Producers

session 3

The Demand and Trade of Bio Energy

session 4 & 5

The Logistics Challenges and Opportunities of Bio Energy Trade
session 6

The Regulatory Framework

secession 7

A focused Agenda for Policy Makers from Government & Industry


We look forward to welcoming you in Rotterdam,


Michael Grey
Commentator, Lloyd's List
Conference Chairman
Jannis Kostoulas
Managing Director
Mare Forum



The Speakers:


Michael Grey
Commentator, Lloyd's List
Conference Chairman

Aart Korteland
Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners

José Roberto Moreira
Chairman of the board of the National Centre of Biomass (CENBIO)


Ewald Breunesse
Manager Energy Transities,
Shell Nederland BV

Danny Aronson
Renewables Commercial Coordinator
Petrobras Transporte S.A. Brazil


Michael Deutmeyer
Managing Director
CHOREN Biomass GmbH

Colin Cridland
Director Research
Braemar Seascope, UK


Klaus Walderhaug
Senior Analyst Corporate Analysis & Support
Odfjell ASA


Pieter van Essen
Director Industry & Bulk Cargo
Port of Rotterdam

Martin Junginger
Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development
Utrecht University


Hans de Willigen

Commercial manager NL
VOPAK Chemical Terminals Benelux


Matthias Ruttmann
Mineralien Schiffahrt und Transport Gmbh (MST)
Schnaittenbach - Germany


Taco de Vries
Managing Director, European Bulk Services

Professor Kees Daey Ouwens
Centre Technology for Sustainable Development,
Technical University Eindhoven

Alf van Weereld
Head of Sustainable Trading & Operations
Essent Energy

Michael X. Cabibbo
Member of the Board, Worldwide Ecological Shipping & Transport -WEST - Srl

Peter Mackay
Managing Editor
Hazardous Cargo Bulletin

Hans Jansen
Project Manager
Economic Cooperation and Integration Division
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Professor Martha Roggenkamp
University of Groningen
Of Councel, Simmons & Simmons

Peter van der Gaag
Bio-ethanol Rotterdam b.v.

Gerard Oude Wesselink
Engineering Manager Bio Fuel Facilities
Tebodin Consultants & Engineers


Kirsten Wiegmann
Öko-Institut (Institute for Applied Ecology) Germany




For further information on the conference please contact:

Mare Forum
Beurs – World Trade Center
P.O. Box 30027
3001 DA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 10 281 0655
F: +31 10 270 9870