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- The Turkish Expansion II-

Where does Turkey fit in the post-crunch world economy and world shipping?

 Monday 17 May

Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul
Istanbul - Turkey


Where does Turkey fit in the post-crunch world economy and world shipping?

Right in the middle, is the answer, poised to take advantage of the new order.


The credit crunch has speeded up massive structural changes in the world economy. We are moving quickly from a West-East world to a more complex political and economic landscape. In the pre crunch world, Turkey was neither West nor East, and fell between the centres of economic and political power. In today’s multi-polar asymmetry, Turkey stands out more strongly as a regional power, a gateway to Europe, an energy supply route and a powerhouse of educated labour. Oh, and there is money there. Turkish banks didn’t go broke in the crisis.

Manufacturers are shortening supply lines, which means more things being made in Turkey for sale in Europe. Consumers are waking up to energy security, which means more diverse energy supplies are needed, and Turkey is crucial to Europe’s diversification. So look for more raw material flowing into Turkey, more finished goods flowing out, and more tankers, pipelines and offshore energy development.


Shipping everywhere is taking a breather after the boom, and shipbuilding is looking unhappy as owners hold off on new orders. But that is the short term. Turkish shipyards can compete, and will be back building complex ships and high quality yachts. Turkish owners have shown themselves resilient, and they will be back, taking up new trading opportunities. And Turkish innovation is thriving, backed by capital, cost-effective labour and access to massive markets.


As Europe emerges from the credit crunch, hungry for goods and services, ships and shipping, Turkey is ready to meet that demand. What are Turkish entrepreneurs, Turkish banks, Turkish political leaders, Turkish yards and Turkish shipowners doing now?

Come to Istanbul and take part in the 2ndMare Forum Istanbul 2010 to find out. In 2009 Mare Forum Istanbul was a massive success, with a room full of owners and yards and entrepreneurs, all joining in an unusually free debate. They went away energised, and this year Mare Forum is back to build on that.


This forum brings together the best of Turkish owners, yards, innovators, financiers and mixes them with their counterparts from around the world.  It is a hospitable venue, a lively and fascinating city and a lively and fascinating debate. Every delegate gets a chance to join in, and no-one leaves who has not learned something or made a useful new contact.

Turkey’s time has come. Join in, have fun, get a competitive advantage in a country that matters a lot now and soon will matter a lot more.


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