- The Turkish Expansion -

seeking competitive advantages in a global shipping market

 Tuesday 10 March

Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Istanbul - Turkey


TURKEY.  How can it make the most of the credit crunch?

It is Europe’s new powerhouse. The credit crunch will slow everything down, but the direction is clear. Turkey is where European shipbuilding will grow, where demand for manpower, for consumer goods, for energy and for raw materials will grow, where shipowners will go global and where Europe can look for strong growth and strong people close to home. Energy costs and environmental pressures mean supply lines for everything must shorten, which will make Turkey even better positioned. It is one of the gatekeepers to Europe’s energy, it can be the new centre of Europe’s manufacturing, and it will certainly be Europe’s shipbuilding centre in the near future.

When Europe emerges from the credit crunch, hungry for goods and services, ships and shipping, will Turkey be ready to meet that demand? What do Turkish entrepreneurs, Turkish banks, Turkish political leaders have to do now to be ready?

Turkey is a fascinating country, full of potential, yet full of paradoxes. Full of hospitable people, full of ideas, full of energy. Now Turkey is again becoming a key piece of the global economic jigsaw. Now is the time to engage with Turkey and its shipowners, its shipbuilders, its port developers, its financiers and its movers and shakers. Credit crunches create opportunities, and Turkey is well placed to take those up.

Welcome to a new type of forum, one which Turkish people understand well, of free, open and often heated debate. This is not a conference with long papers and companies pushing products. It is a day of short, punchy presentations, the chance to talk to and meet the key people, the chance to listen and the chance to speak. Mare Forum is coming to Turkey to harness the energy of Turkish shipping and show how it fits into tomorrow’s world. This forum brings together Turkish and international CEO's from shipping, trading, brokerage and shipbuilding companies, politicians and regulators, charterers, key investors in shipping, bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Join in, have fun, get a competitive advantage in a country that matters a lot now and soon will matter a lot more.



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