Mare Forum



- Discovering the shipping markets future -

 Tuesday, 15 September 2008

Villa Massalia Hotel
Marseille - France

Mare Forum and Euromed Management are organising the 3rd edition of an intensive one-day conference entitled

- Discovering the shipping markets future -

on Tuesday, 15 September 2008
at the
Villa Massalia Hotel
Marseille - France


The Euromed Management Maritime Forum 2009 this year will centre around the discovering of the shipping markets furure, which is of vital interest to ship owners/operators, oil and gas companies, ship brokers, key investors in shipping, regulators, port and terminal authorities, charterers, shippers, traders, bankers and shipping entrepreneurs.
It will examine openly, the following topics for our industry.


The Global economic meltdown and the recovery of markets

The Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and shipping
The Shipping Markets Outlook - crisis and perceptions on recovery
Shipping Innovation imperatives
Ship finance and ship investments; where will the shipping money come from to fund the recovery?


A mix of commercial, political, technical and business hot topics and a mix of all maritime professions will come together to create a free-flowing debate and give access for all delegates to actively participate, contribute and learn.

Come to Marseille and join the leading French shipowners and representatives of the French maritime cluster together with the leading international representatives of the maritime industry, in a very personal rolling discussion of where the Mediterranean maritime industries are going, what challenges and opportunities are must face up to and where the smart investments are going next.


If you are interested in ships, ports, money, environment, global trade, and how they match up today and tomorrow, be there.


We look forward to welcoming you to Marseille,



Jannis Kostoulas
Managing Director
Mare Forum
Bernard Belletante
Professor Niko Wijnolst
Professor Euromed  Management and Chairman European Network of Maritime Clusters




[as of 8 Sptember 2009 ]

The list of speakers and discussion panellists will be updated daily.

Professor Niko Wijnolst
Conference chairman
Professor Euromed  Management
Chairman European Network of Maritime Clusters

Prof. Bernard Belletante
Dean Euromed Management

Francis Vallat
Chairman, French Maritime Cluster, Institut Francais de la mer

Christian Garin
Chairman, French Shipowners Association
CEO, Fouquet Sacop

Christian Lefèvre
Chief Operating Officer


Laurent Bozzoni

Director SOCATRA

Philippe Borel
Environment Director

Patrick Decavele
Managing Director
Broström Tankers France SAS


Jean Louis Cambon
Head of MICHELIN, Ocean Management Committee

Philip Embiricos
Immediate Past President, BIMCO


Roberto Giorgi
President, V.Ships


Jean-Yves Gueritaud
Global Head of Ship Finance, Calyon

Didier Salomon
Head of Shipping Finance
BNP Paribas

Luke Readman
Thomas Miller P&I Ltd., UK P&I Club

Geert Dokter
Managing Director
Hanzevast Shipping

Guy Verberne
Head of Economics and Investment Strategy
Fortis Bank Nederland

Colin Cridland
Director Research, Clarksons

Jean-Frédéric Laurent
Head of Research & Information Service
Barry Rogiano Salles (BRS)

Enrico Paglia
Research Manager
Banchero-Costa & Co. SpA

Laurent Fedi
Professor in Maritime Law and Maritime Management,
Scientific Director of MS & M. Sc. Maritime Management, International Transport and Logistics
Scientific Coordinator of Maritime MBA Euromed Management

Bernard Anne
Executive Vice-President of Bureau Veritas

Todd W. Grove
President and Chief Operating Officer, Europe Division,

Professor Julien Hanoteau
Euromed Management, Sustainable Dept. in Shipping

Joep Gorgels
Head of Transportation Europe
Fortis Bank Nederland

Bote de Vries
Managing Director, Finamar

Fabrizio Vettosi
CEO,Efigestioni SGR
Efilog Private Equity

Nikos Stratis

Northern Shipping Funds

Professor Bernard Paranque,
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty
Euromed Management

Laurent Estachy
Associate Professor of Finance,
Euromed Management

Jannis Kostoulas
Managing Director
Mare Forum