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8 & 9 November 2006

Marriott East Hotel, New York City

New York City - USA



This conference builds on a previous Mare Forum Energy Transportation conference held in Houston in November 2003. 

International and United States energy costs continue at record high levels, the volume of energy cargoes continues to grow and marine transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, LNG/LPG, coal and other energy products is ever more essential to worldwide availability of energy for domestic and industrial use.  However many other factors have changed since the last Conference. This Forum will examine the changes potentially impacting the regulatory and economic environment and that may influence the way in which the energy and maritime industries will attempt to meet demand worldwide with a focus on the United States.  The changing political and economic climates give rise to a number of questions:


  • Are current energy demand projections realistic?


  • Have traditional energy sources peaked? What are potential alternative energy sources and what would be their impact on shipping?


  • Do the international energy and maritime industries have the capacity and sufficient available financing to meet global demand?
  • Within the U.S., is there an optimal achievable balance between barges and tankers in the coastwise trade with imported products carried in foreign flag tankers? Should U.S. energy policy limit the amount of imported energy?


  • Is LNG really the energy source of choice for the future when balanced against available technology and safety, security and environmental concerns?


  • What are the priority financial, economic and political/regulatory issues most affecting marine transportation which must be managed together by government and the private sector, to meet current and long-term energy transportation needs?



The unique Mare Forum format that emphasizes debate and discussion will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about, debate and influence the resolution of such issues with policy makers from industry and government.


The venue for the Conference will be the Marriott East Hotel, New York City.  The United States is the world’s largest trading nation and consumer of energy resources with New York as a leading port and international center for shipping interests and ship finance. Here, participants will find exceptional business networking opportunities as well as world class leisure activities.




Joseph J. Cox

President, Chamber of Shipping of America


Julian Bray

Editor in Chief, Lloyd’s List

Paul Leand

CEO and Managing Director, AMA Capital Partners LLC, USA


Jannis Kostoulas

Managing Director, Mare Forum, BV


RADM Robert C. North

President, North Star Maritime, Inc.


This Forum offers five distinct strands to this important and useful examination of maritime transportation of energy:


Session 1
Setting the Scene
The Stakeholders

Session 2
Forecast of Short and Long-term
World Energy Requirements, Sources and Distribution Impacts

Session 3
Marine Transportation System Capacity Issues
Ships, Barges and Terminals – The Outlook for Tonnage Availability

Session 4 (I & II)

Investments and Financing the Maritime Transportation of Energy
Part I: Where to invest your Money today?

Part II: Global Positioning System (GPS) for Investments and Financing the Energy Transportation
Owners requirements – Investors dilemma’s

session 5
Regulatory Issues Impacting Maritime Transportation of Energy – Safety, Environmental, Criminalization, Security

Session 6 
A Focused Agenda For Policy Makers
from Goverment and Industry
Energy Requirements Versus Overall System Capacity and Other Limitations - Prioritization of issues


The speakers
as of 03 November

Joseph J. Cox
President, Chamber of Shipping of America

Robert D. Somerville
Chairman and CEO, American Bureau of Shipping


Sean Connaughton 
U.S. Maritime Administrator


Bruce Carlton
U.S. Maritime Administration

Rear Admiral Craig Bone
Assistant Commandant for Prevention, U.S. Coast Guard

Will Jenkins
President, SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.
Chairman, International Marine Transportation Limited

Paul Leand
CEO and Managing Director, AMA Capital Partners LLC, USA


Richard Ford

Basil Mavroleon
Managing Director, Charles R. Weber Co., Inc.

Dr. Michael Economides
Professor, University of Houston
Editor-in-Chief of the Energy Tribune

Robert Bugbee
President and Chief Operating Officer, OMI Corporation

Robert Corbin
Office of Fossil Energy, US DOE

Morten Arntzen

President & CEO, OSG


John Wobensmith
CFO, Genco Shipping and Trading


Paul Slater
Chairman, First International Corp


Tim Casey
President and CEO, K-Sea Transportation Partners LP

Richard Plant
Director, Special Projects, Masters, Mates & Pilots

Kendra Martin
Director - Marine Transportation
American Petroleum Institute,

Sal Litrico
TECO Transport


Jim Dowling
Jefferies Capital Partners

David St Amand
President, Navigistics Consulting


Dan Sheehan
Advisor, International Registries, Inc.

Stefanie Kasselakis
General Counsel, Poten & Partners

Bill Gray
President, Gray Maritime Company

Bob Burke

VADM James C. Card, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.)
Maritime consultant

William R. Gallagher
President, International Registries, Inc.

Captain Kevin Coyne
Vice President for Quality & Compliance, General Maritime Corp

Michael  Chalos
Partner, Chalos, O’Connor & Duffy

Wilhelm Christian Magelssen
Senior Consultant
DNV Maritime Solutions


Tim Protheroe
Lloyd's Register Americas

Jannis Kostoulas
Managing Director, Mare Forum, BV

RADM Robert C. North U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.)
President, North Star Maritime, Inc.






We look forward to welcoming you in
New York