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Innovations and Interpretations
of sustainable shipping

Monday 6 June 2011
Divani Apollon Palace

Athens - Greece

New rules and restrictions on air emissions from ships are fast approaching. Whoever is first to adapt successfully to a new MARPOL regime will be the one to win most of future business. The new regulations will change the competitive environment in the maritime industry. Bigger companies have an advantage over small companies because they have access to more capital to invest in the new technologies. Will the costs of operating more sustainably and using cleaner LNG or low sulphur fuels, solar, wind or other alternative energies be passed on to the consumers? Will it be subsidised? Or will shipping companies have to take the strain?

Who leads in environmental innovation for shipping? North America, Scandinavia, the EU or China? Who will assume leadership in the field of environmental technologies that will have a profound impact on the maritime industry? The Chinese have the resources, capital, and manpower to be the first to produce
at competitive prices, sustainable and widely available range of environmentally friendly technologies to comply with the new IMO air emission regulations. Shipping companies that are flexible and able to quickly adjust to the regulations and are committed to the protection of the environment, believe in sustainability and innovation will prove to be most successful in the future. But they need to be ready, with the knowledge and the capital, to invest in the right technology.

This conference is a challenge and opportunity for all the players in the maritime industry chain to come together and decide the future of one of the biggest changes to the shipping world. They have to give priority to environmental protection and support initiatives that promote environmental responsibility and innovation.

At the 1st Blue Shipping Summit leading policy makers, politicians, shipowners, shipbuilders, marine equipment manufacturers, financers, investors, charterers, ship brokers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, journalists, and other members of the international maritime chain will meet in order to learn, discuss and debate all contemporary and urgent environmental themes which are of vital importance to the future of the maritime industry.

This will take place in an open stimulated and free flowing ambiance, with open and informal discussions which are the hallmark of the Mare Forum formula.

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